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    CHINA MINGWEI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Is a collection of product research and development, production, trade, technical services in one of the high-tech industrial automation electric enterprise. C

    ompany specializing in the production of: switching power supply, LED waterproof power supply, guide rail power supply, power supply and other industrial electrical products.My company production of switching power supply with stable performance, safety and reliability, small volume, high efficiency, long life and other characteristics, is replacing traditional control transformer and rectifier components of the ideal upgrading products.Company series products are widely used in industrial automation equipment, the advertising industry, the elevator industry, construction industry, pharmaceutical industry, communications and other electric automation industry.Products through the CE, ROHS, test report and other quality certification.The products sell well all over the country, some products are exported to the Middle East, southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries, quality trusted by customers. 

    Company brought together a number of senior engineers and professional and technical personnel, with independent innovation and research and development capabilities, the company has many sets of fully automatic SMT machine, the component inserter, reflow, wave soldering, automatic plastic injection machine and other advanced production equipment, perfect professional production technology, multifunctional production line, aging test equipment and quality testing equipment, the company has a group of senior management personnel and high-quality staff, and the company into an organic whole, strictly comply with ISO9001 quality management system standard, 6 s on-site management standards. 

    Company to "quality first, customer first" for the purpose, unremitting innovation and scientific management, with the general new old customers hand in hand advance together, altogether creates magnificently!

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